BLUE WHALE to Clean-up Lebanon’s Coastline.

Lebanon's sea pollution woes were multiplied noticeably in the past years.


GREENOCRATIC Organization comes with the Blue Whale” Boat idea. Costing between $12,000 to$45,000 per boat, the project will be launched  at UNESCO Palace, by end-June.


Antoine El Hajj, GREENOCRATIC Coordinator gives more details.



1-When did GREENOCRATIC Organization launched?  -Year of establishment, Members?


Established by end 2011, and got its official papers on 26th of March 2012, The organization headed by Dr Claude el Hajj, including more than 20 members in several fields (doctors, lawyers, bankers, business, labor, …).



2-What is its mission? Where does this idea come from?


As a Non-Governmental Organization, Greenocratic has a strategic demographic plan where all people will be reached for challenging the conversion of citizens from partly selfish individuals toward mature ecologically aware human beings.

This approach gives Greenocratic a unique task to overcome ecological obstacles in terms of old-fashioned mentalities, negligence, pollution and the challenges facing our Planet due to human activities.

Greenocratic members have been collaborating with national and international cleanup activities for beaches and underwater, forests and rivers as well as preserving the reserve waters with the collaboration of ministries, embassies, municipalities, NGOs, students, sponsors, volunteers, in addition to the national and international media...

 Greenocratic Organization members have put all their experience and capabilities to create a new and efficient set up to apply already available environmental laws as well as to update them for the benefit of our beautiful country Lebanon and to our mother Earth for generations to come.



3-What about the BOAT project, launch date?


The “BLUE WHALE” is the newest and most innovative weapon against environmental water pollutives.

The plan is to have at least five boats with the help of Lebanese sponsors to carry out clean ups across Lebanon’s shores from the North to the South.


This boat is conveniently named “BLUE WHALE”, for several reasons, including:

            The blue whale is the biggest creator that ever lived on this earth and our boat will (hopefully) be the biggest fighter for environmental oceanic problems.

            The blue whale feeds by opening its mouth several meters and filtering planktons from millions of litters of surface water, just similar to our boat’s ability to filter pollutives from infested waters.


The “BLUE WHALE” will have a huge impact on the world environment.

It will be an answer and solution to an unlimited number of oceanic pollution problems, where with minor modifications it is able to accommodate cleaning solutions for the majority of oceanic pollution problems.

With its large sweeping capacity, and high holding volume besides its versatile ability and ease of modifications and add-ons, it would be able to face almost any if not all oceanic pollution problems that currently face our world. 



It’s a simple catamaran variation design, with a net cage fitted in the front between the 2 main hulls for effective and concentrated clean up and screening of floating pollutives. But our catamaran most notable variation is the existence of a middle hull containing fuel tanks and the mechanics controlling the boat size.

The most important feature of the “BLUE WHALE” is its ability to widen its middle space by separating its 2 hulls through a specific mechanic system located in the middle hull enabling the “BLUE WHALE” to open its mouth to double, triple or even more its original size.

This effective cage opening size is very opening while at open seas, the boat will cover a lot more size in a lesser time. Also, being able to reduce back to its original size means that it can enter any type of sea port or marina!

There are four different sizes for the BLUE WHALE ranging from 3 meters, 5 meters, 8 meters and 20 meters for Open Ocean.


4-How much is this project able to clean up the sea?


The blue whale, due to its design is extremely versatile and easily modifiable to suit almost all marine cleaning needs.

Even though length size is important for guidance and piloting but almost all sizes can be used for all variations of clean up needs.

With its add-ons, near shore, quay, walls and rocks and confined areas (water ducts, marinas, …) are not a problem anymore, the cleaning is easy and simple, capable to remove pollutives as close as 3 cm from any object, most importantly without causing any damage to the hulls of the boat.

According to the specific marine cleaning needs, different netting sizes are available, from large holed nets down to the smallest sized netting, and even filter fabric can be used to filter macroscopic materials from water.

Here are some of the marine pollutions that the BLUE WHALE can provide:

            OIL SPILLS


            ORGANIC WASTE

            PLASTIC WASTE




5-What are the advantages of “Let’s Do it Lebanon”?


The “Let’s do it! Lebanon” event will be held on 9th of September 2012 with a sole goal of cleaning Lebanon only in One day!

The reasons behind choosing this date:

It is sufficiently far enough to make the needed preparations for the project whether related to planning or to media.

The weather temperature at the end of summer is lower which will be helping volunteers to perform their task.

The date coincides just before the start of the school year and hence a greater participation of school and universities students.

The date coincides on a Sunday and therefore on a weekend, which ensures greater participation from all the Lebanese society

The date coincides after the return of Lebanese travelers from abroad after their vacation trips.

The date coincides before the fire season, where it is known that most fires are caused by thrown waste in the nature (glass, metals…).

The date is before the rainy season, where the rain contaminates larger areas from waste.

The date coincides few days after the end of the Holy Ramadan, which ensures greater participation of Lebanese from all communities.


This date was selected before the announcement of the official visit of Pope Benedictus XVI to Lebanon (September 14th) which is an occasion that allows each Lebanese house to get ready to receive his guests through a national campaign for cleanliness; that is how Let’s do it! Lebanon campaign will be cleaning Lebanon before the expected visit





The project is divided into five phases:


•          Launch Preparations:

Communication with all non-governmental associations, civil society associations, all the concerned ministries, and all municipalities in Lebanon.


•          Launch Conference:

All contacted parties will be gathered and introduced to “Let’s do it! Lebanon” event and they will be notified of their respective responsibilities, needs and preparations for the D day.        



•          Preparations for the “Let’s do it! Lebanon” day:

            Waste Mapping:

Pictures and accurate location of illegal dumpsites will be uploaded on a special application called World Waste Mapping that can be downloaded on IPhone and Android phones.

This map will assist the volunteers in planning and organizing for a more efficient cleaning.


Each region and each group of volunteers must ensure appropriate logistics, transportation and communication that are mandatory to complete the work to the fullest; as well as at the end of the cleaning day in order to remove waste bags from previously selected collection areas.

            Marketing and advertising:

The “Let’s do it! Lebanon” is a very big event, yet it needs corresponding budgeting for implementation and hence the necessity for sponsors and partners.


Media plays an essential role in attracting volunteers to participate in the promised day.


•          “Let’s do it! Lebanon” Day:

All Lebanese people are involved in this national event to clean their country.


•          Removal (hauling) of piled waste bags:

By the end of the cleaning day on September 9th, and after the accumulation of waste in the collection points, waste will be transported from these points for recycling at the specialized plants.

All collected waste must be removed within the following three days at maximum.

After let’s do it! Lebanon is done, we can proudly say that Lebanon is one of the most beautiful and CLEAN countries in the world.



6-What are your expectations about Lebanese citizens’ reaction, results of the project?


Until now, the media’s response was amazing, TV and radio stations are eager to help us spread the word about LET’S DO IT LEBANON, they want to help, and the initial response from viewers and listeners are also amazing.

We haven’t contacted any NGO, or group or entity that refused to assist and help in any way possible!

We had hopes to get 50,000 Lebanese involved in this event, but now, our dreams have gone a lot bigger and bigger.



7-Some other projects?

We are currently designing and creating prototypes of “SHOPPING UNDER THE SEA” cart, which is a submersible machine that helps in revolutionizing the seabed cleanup.

We also have continuous conferences and events and awareness campaigns at universities and schools.

And soon, many other projects will be unveiled for the benefit of our beloved Lebanon and its environment.



Migration to cities is increasing so much that, by 2050, the UN predicts that approximately two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities.


  • A fundraising event, entitled Think Green, will be held by Zero Waste ACT for all its business members on September, 10,2013, at WHITE, Dora.
  • The Green Mind Association invited all Green Mind Award Participants, finalists, runner ups and winners to the GREEN MIND DAY on  Jan-16-2013 in Beirut, to create a platform where interested Venture Capital and Potential Investors met with participants.
  • A green initiative launched by Ashrafieh 2020 project aims to transform Ashrafieh into a tranquil and unpolluted area.Green spaces allow residents to walk and ride bicycles.




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