Broadband prices expected to drop further

With the launch of the third generation cellular services (3G) a month ago, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Lebanon (TRA) indicated 

that Lebanon's Residential Mobile Broadband Basket Price stood at $35 after introducing the (3G), which comes above the Arab average of $28 and compared to $54 in Kuwait, $39 in the UAE, $30 in Qatar, $21 in Bahrain and $10 in Jordan.


The Residential plan includes a 1GB capacity and a Speed Basket of 2Mbp to 8Mbps. The TRA said that it expected these results given that Lebanon's data market is still in its start up phase whereby the cost and the model used for charging are based on volume, usage and metered pricing as reported by Lebanon This Week, Byblos Bank’s economic publication.



As such, it anticipated prices to decrease further as the market matures through products and service differentiation. It added that the price of an additional 1Mb is $0.06 in Lebanon, which is below the Arab average of $0.13 but is costlier than in Syria and the UAE with $0.04 each and in Qatar with $0.03, and less expensive than Jordan and Bahrain with $0.28 and $0.32, respectively.


In parallel, the TRA indicated that the price of Lebanon's low-speed Residential Fixed Broadband basket, which ranges between 256Kbps and 2.5Mbps, dropped to $20 from 39$ for a 2GB usage after the implementation of the new tariffs. It noted that Lebanon's current prices are above the Arab average of $26 and higher than rates in Yemen ($18), Saudi Arabia ($16) and Egypt ($8); but are lower than rates in Qatar ($58), Oman ($35) and Jordan ($32).


It added that the rate for a Residential Fixed Broadband basket with a 6GB capacity dropped to $28 from $72 previously, which was the highest rate among Arab countries.


The TRA indicated that Lebanon's low-speed Corporate Fixed Broadband prices stood at $18 for a low usage of 2GB, down from $45 previously and below the Arab average of $50. It added that such prices reached $28 for the high usage of 6GB, down from $82 previously,and compared to the Arab average of $69. Further, medium-speed Corporate Fixed Broadband prices stood at $78 for a 6GB usage, which is below the Arab average of $455.

It mentioned that Lebanon's Business Mobile Broadband Basket Price stood at $89, above the Arab average of $73, and compared to Oman ($259), Kuwait ($92), Saudi Arabia ($57), Qatar ($30) and Morocco ($21).


With mobile phone subscribers reached almost 3 million by end of March 2011,3G is expected to be in high demand. It’s worth mentioing that a 3G dongle can be plugged into a computer to enable user to connect to the 3G network.



Migration to cities is increasing so much that, by 2050, the UN predicts that approximately two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities.


  • A fundraising event, entitled Think Green, will be held by Zero Waste ACT for all its business members on September, 10,2013, at WHITE, Dora.
  • The Green Mind Association invited all Green Mind Award Participants, finalists, runner ups and winners to the GREEN MIND DAY on  Jan-16-2013 in Beirut, to create a platform where interested Venture Capital and Potential Investors met with participants.
  • A green initiative launched by Ashrafieh 2020 project aims to transform Ashrafieh into a tranquil and unpolluted area.Green spaces allow residents to walk and ride bicycles.




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