How Can Car Washing Be Green?

There are so many ways to “go green”, “think green” and “act green”. Washing your car in an eco-friendly way, is just one of the growing examples. Amr Jaroudy, Managing Partner of “Woosh”, gives more details about  the most efficient way to wash your car, save water and leave a smaller ecological footprint.


1. When was Woosh introduced into the Lebanese market? Who came up with the idea?

Woosh SAL is a locally-born company that started off in April 2010. Its first operational site was launched in April 2011 at the CityMall.

Personally I was living as an expatriate outside Lebanon and always had an issue finding time for washing my car and I had to put up with the car not cleaned for quiet a long time.


Moreover, through living in and visiting different countries, I became a devotee of environmental friendliness and developed into an environmentally conscious individual, thriving to lower damages to the mother earth.


This code of conduct was practiced in the multinational companies that I worked for. As simple as it was, combining Eco Friendliness and Convenience, our brand was born.


We are currently operating in five locations namely CITYMALL – Dora, LeMall – Sin El Fil, LeMall – Saida, Verdun 732 – Verdun ,Taj Tower (Crown Plaza) – Hamra. We are also planning to expand.



2. What are the ingredients used in washing a car?


We use seven different products in total to “Woosh” a car and the process is divided in two, between the exterior and the interior of the car.


On the exterior, we use our waterless product, which once sprayed on the body of the car; exfoliates the dirt from the car body and form an isolating layer, which then is removed by a special microfiber towel that extracts the dirt totally.


Once the waterless clean is done, we spray on the Wax which makes the car look shiny and forms another protective layer on the car exterior that lasts from a “Woosh” to another. The wheels & tires are also sprayed with degreasing agent then wiped clean.



On the interior of the car, we do the necessary vacuuming along with cleaning the interior with three products for each part of the car and finally we clean all the windows.



3. How does it help save the environment? Is it by saving water, energy, fighting pollution?

On an environmental front, the impact of Woosh’s process is huge and can be summarized into direct and indirect benefits:


Regular wash usually consumes anything between 150-300 liters of water. “Woosh’ing” your car means spraying in total less than 1 liter per car.


On another front, most service stations use chemical based soaps during the classical wash. Woosh’s products which are all imported and they are from 100 percent bio-degradable nature and do not contain chemicals or toxins.


Indirectly, the water used in classical washing once done, goes directly into the sewage system which also once untreated and not disposed of in the proper manner, does affect the sewage & drainage infrastructure.


Woosh obviously doesn’t face such an issue since water is not used and nothing goes in the sewage system but for traces of the products which are safe and have all natural ingredients.



4. How much does it cost to wash a car?

The Sedan price is LL12,000 however, the four-wheel drive vehicle price is LL14,000.



5. What are the major problems faced today and what is the feedback of the Woosh idea on the local market?

As a first market mover offering this service, “Woosh” is shouldering a very crucial task, that being educating the market. As usual, new concepts are met with skepticism by consumers because of novelty and thus the learning curve goes hand in hand with the adoption rate of the service.


The main driver of skepticism is caused by customers being used to water-based washing; doubting the effectiveness of the new process. Once tried, we are seeing a good number of returning customers who are finding a huge difference between our level of service and definitely a far better quality of cleaning than that of conventional washing.


Having said that, the emergence of Green business is perpetually growing world-wide but today in Lebanon, there is a bit of a slag on the emergence of an incubating system that pushes those businesses forward.


The innovation in economy has its backlash, as it would require a proof of the concept that you are implementing and this is mostly seen with the lack of banking products, adding the measuring of the impact of saving or environmentally friendly on natural resources.


 Ideally, all natural resources saving businesses should be supported and encouraged. At this stage still, we are behind in putting a system that backs up and pushes forward similar innovative, challenging concepts.


But yet again, “Woosh” is successfully challenging, slowly but surely, the prevailing perceptions pertaining to car cleanliness and business concepts.



Migration to cities is increasing so much that, by 2050, the UN predicts that approximately two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities.


  • A fundraising event, entitled Think Green, will be held by Zero Waste ACT for all its business members on September, 10,2013, at WHITE, Dora.
  • The Green Mind Association invited all Green Mind Award Participants, finalists, runner ups and winners to the GREEN MIND DAY on  Jan-16-2013 in Beirut, to create a platform where interested Venture Capital and Potential Investors met with participants.
  • A green initiative launched by Ashrafieh 2020 project aims to transform Ashrafieh into a tranquil and unpolluted area.Green spaces allow residents to walk and ride bicycles.




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