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Lebanese capital markets reacted tranquilly to the release of the special tribunal for Lebanon indictment which named four suspects in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


According to Lebanon Weekly Monitor, an economic publication issued by Bank Audi, “this week, on the equity market the price index retreated slightly by 0.9 percent to 122.15 whilst the total trading market as limited to 5 billion to 13 billion since the beginning of the year 2011.”


“As for the euro bond market, the price remained unchanged with a wait-and- see mood swaying over the market after the release of the indictment,” the report states.




Migration to cities is increasing so much that, by 2050, the UN predicts that approximately two thirds of the world’s population will be living in cities.


  • A fundraising event, entitled Think Green, will be held by Zero Waste ACT for all its business members on September, 10,2013, at WHITE, Dora.
  • The Green Mind Association invited all Green Mind Award Participants, finalists, runner ups and winners to the GREEN MIND DAY on  Jan-16-2013 in Beirut, to create a platform where interested Venture Capital and Potential Investors met with participants.
  • A green initiative launched by Ashrafieh 2020 project aims to transform Ashrafieh into a tranquil and unpolluted area.Green spaces allow residents to walk and ride bicycles.




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  2. In 2010, the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 8 percent. The economic forecast...
  3. The General Labor Confederation (GLC) warned that the increase of the value added tax (VAT) rate...
  4. Finally, the electricity bill law is approved by the Lebanese parliament. A draft law allocates $1....
  5. Will the government raise the minimum wage?A scenario, some experts expect will result in layoffs...

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